Our prices are depending on the season, the number of people arriving, and the number of guest nights spent.

Season Ft/person/night
Egész évben 5.000 Ft - 15.000 Ft

Special offers and discounts: Ask for special offer!

We may charge extra cost in special seasons, 1-2 nights or 2-3 persons, and at winter.

The additional charge of airconditioned rooms is 1.500 HUF/night.

We reserve the right to change prices. The VAT and tax of tourism is included.

Reservation will be valid when the advance is paid, which is 10.000 HUF if the price is under 40.000 HUF. Above this amount, the advance is 30 %.

You can send us the deposit via bank transfer to our EURO account or Western Union transfer.

Post address:
Szilágyi János, 4200 Hajdúszoboszló Bánomkert u. 35. HUNGARY

Account: (Raiffeisen Bank) IBAN: HU14; 12052712-00796780-00300004
EURO Account: (Raiffeisen Bank) IBAN: HU35; 12052712-00796780-00200007

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+36 (70) 948-4685

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Location of Aida Apartment in Hajdúszoboszló